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It’s Good for Kids to Play with Their Food! Under the Nile Organic Fruit and Veg Toys

2009 August 25
by Angels Avenue

Organic toy manufacturer, Under the Nile, is banking on the idea that if children are introduced to fruit and vegetables during playtime, they are more likely to eat them at dinner time.

Organic Veggie Crate

Under the Nile, manufacturer of organic baby and children’s clothes, recently added new fruits and vegetables to their 100% organic stuffed toy collection, called ‘Veggin Out’. From plump, purple grapes and fun size bananas to adorable  strawberries and sweet tomatoes, every product is designed to help kids make a positive association with healthy foods.

Getting children to eat their fruit and vegetables rivals teething and potty-training on the list of ‘least fun’ parental experiences. But Under the Nile believes that children are more likely to eat healthy foods if they have an opportunity to learn and play with them throughout the day. The company encourages parents to use a process they call, ‘show, tell, and taste’. For example, keep a box full of the brightly-coloured Veggie and Fruit Toys on the kitchen counter so they are always accessible for an impromptu chat on colours and shapes or to let the kids use the smiley-faced characters for imaginative play. Once the children are enjoying the activity, capitalize on the fun times by serving carrot sticks, green beans, fruit portions or other kid-friendly ‘green’ snacks to reinforce the notion that eating fruit and vegetables doesn’t have to be a chore.

Parents can introduce fruits and vegetables into a baby’s diet as early as six months of age working up to three-to-five vegetable servings a day for a toddler-age child. Since getting toddlers to do anything against their will can be a daunting task, parents who help children establish a positive connection to vegetables early will likely fare better than those who wait until the power struggle begins. Under the Nile’s ‘Veggin Out’ collection is non-toxic and stuffed with 100% premium organic Egyptian cotton, so it is safe for infants to play with (and chew on!)

Under the Nile is very well known in the United States, and has recently become very popular with celebrities! See a picture of Halle Berry holding her daughter Nahla’s toy – an Organic Green Bean by Under the Nile.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry with Gabriel and daughter Nahla

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