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IsaBooties- funky soft-soled baby shoes

2009 July 28
by Angels Avenue

Two mums, Libby and Laura, had some innovative ideas of how to improve soft-soled shoes to better meet the needs of their babies. And so that is exactly what they did. The result is a fabulous creation – IsaBooties soft-soled eco-friendly baby shoes.

‘Tired of looking at the same shoe designs and confident that there was much room for improvement, we decided it was time to take action! We started researching fabric, design and style options. Our list of requirements grew. The shoes had to be healthy for our babies and healthy for the Earth. They had to be soft and comfy on our little ones’ feet. They had to be easy for us to put on, but hard for our kids to pull off. We wanted them machine-washable and machine-dryable. They had to be breathable, durable, skid-proof, and fade-resistant. Oh, and last but certainly not least…they had to be hip and stylish! We found the perfect, 100% animal-free fabrics and started making shoes for our own kids. We mixed bright, funky colours with unique ribbon accents. Soon, our friends wanted them. Then, their friends asked for them, and so on. Before we knew it, IsaBooties were born!’

IsaBooties are made from soft, yet durable Ultrasuede® and Toughtek®. The Ultrasuede® is highly breathable and the Toughtek® soles are perfect for gripping.
They are incredibly slip-resistant and give great stability – just what little feet need when they are learning how to walk. (Toughtek® is actually the same fabric used in the booties worn by search and rescue dogs!) But even though the soles are extremely sturdy, they are also super soft and flexible. In IsaBooties your little ones will be as close to barefoot as possible. All the shoe designs are funky and fabulous. IsaBooties offer fun styles for both baby boys and baby girls.

If you are looking for shoes for your baby – or for a perfect baby gift – definitely check out IsaBooties. We highly recommend them. Any new mum would love to receive IsaBooties for her baby’s sweet little toes.

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