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Don’t forget your Valentine! February is the month of romance.

2011 February 4
by Angels Avenue
  • History or Legend?

The history of celebrating St Valentine’s Day dates back to the times of the Roman Empire. One legend contends that its patron saint was a priest performing secret marriage ceremonies against the new Emperor’s law, for which he was imprisoned and sentenced to death. On the day he was to die, he wrote a note to a girl he was in love with and signed it ‘From your Valentine’, an expression commonly used today . Some believe that indeed Valentine’s day is celebrated on 14th February to commemorate Saint Valentine’s death, other theories claim that Valentine’s Day was an attempt to ‘Christianise’ the traditional Roman spring festivals. What started as ancient rituals to welcome spring has transformed through the centuries to become the most romantic day of the year for all lovers. The tradition of Valentine’s Day became more widespread with Christianity and it is now recognised and celebrated worldwide. Every year on this day billions of ‘valentines’ are sent all over the world and it is common for friends and lovers to exchange love notes, tokens of affection and small gifts.

Did you know? One of the oldest known Valentine’s cards dates back to 1415 and is now preserved in the British Museum. It was sent by Charles, the Duke of Orleans, to his wife during his imprisonment in the Tower of London.

Five Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

  • Bake a Special Sweet Treat

Prepare his favourite dessert to surprise him or if you are not feeling that adventurous just take a simple recipe and use your imagination to turn it into a delicious Valentine’s treat. Heart-shaped cookies and cakes decorated with red ribbon and rose petals will look really impressive. Even if your culinary skills are not that amazing, he would be still pleasantly surprised and would appreciate your attempt.

  • Buy Roses for your loved one

This tip is especially for men. Buying a dozen of roses for your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day may be a gesture she would expect, finding an unexpected way to present them will certainly take her by surprise. Hide them in an unusual place and leave clues for her to find or ask a stranger to give the bouquet, while you are watching from a distance. Have a plan in place and it is guaranteed you will see twinkles of laughter and love in her eyes.

  • Enjoy a Candlelit Dinner

As a alternative to going out to a posh restaurant and spending big bucks, why not prepare and serve a special candlelit dinner in your own home. It is after all the place where you can show intimacy and affection unwitnessed by others and no dress codes would apply. Set the table, dim the lights and create a romantic atmosphere with candles and serve a sumptuous meal, sweet bites and drinks. Take time to choose music, which will set the mood, especially songs, which remind you of precious moments together. Enjoy some sweet talk and flirting, perhaps dance together in the candle light and later cuddle up and watch a romantic movie. You will be amazed how much you will enjoy your candlelit dinner at home, you may decide to have it as a regular date.

  • Indulge with a Candlelit Bath

If you decide that this Valentine food will not be your priority, then set your bath as the main scene. Choose some yummy smelling products that will be sure to energise your body and awaken your senses, and make sure you take the time to use them all. Take a long soak in an aromatic bath together, followed by a body polish, which will give you a chance for a playful tickle and a giggle, and finish with a sensual body massage with a luscious oil blend. Allow enough time to spend on each other and use all your senses to fully experience the ritual. Spend some time just hugging, caressing and listening to each other’s breathing for a deeper connection you may have not had the chance to experience before.

  • Write a Love Letter

In today’s world of text messages, emails, twits and Facebook, a simple handwritten love letter could be the biggest surprise you will ever give. Just close your eyes for a moment, let your memories take you back to the moments you most treasure and pour your heart out. Tell her about your feelings when you saw her for the first time, the rush of blood to your head when you first touched and kissed and the sheer crazy happiness when you woke up together for the first time. Just say how much your sweetheart means to you and what your life is like when you are together, these simple words will never be forgotten. Hide the letter somewhere your lover will find soon and wait for your effort to be lovingly rewarded.

Our Top Five Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day

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  1. This Valentine’s day lock the door and spend as long as you want with Couple’s Romantic Weekend Gift Box. Perfect for a romantic getaway or a stay-at-home celebration.

  2. Treat the woman you love to a candlelit bath with A Candlelit Bath Gift Box and hope you get invited. She will be so pleased with her gift that you probably will.

  3. Wrap your loved one in luxury with the Silky Bamboo Towel Set. Plush, absorbent and silky, these towels are guaranteed to become a bath time necessity.

  4. Fill the air with the scent of well- being with the Pure Joy Scented Soy Candle. The delightful bouquet of essential oils, the hand finished designer jar and the eco-friendly properties of soya wax make this candle a thoughtful valentine’s gift.

  5. Tell the mummy of your children she is ‘oh so yummy’. The Yummy Mummy Pampering Gift Box is a special Valentine’s treat for a special mum.

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