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Angels Avenue Brings Lalabee Bathworks Organic Cosmetics to the UK Market

2011 March 20
by Angels Avenue

Organic Baby Bottom CreamWith the demand for organic baby products at an all time high, our team at Angels Avenue is passionate to address this need by bringing new organic and natural brands to the UK market. The newest addition to our carefully selected range is Lalabee Bathworks, a Canadian company, which makes natural and organic skin care cosmetics for mothers and babies. Angels Avenue is proud to become the first retailer to import and sell Lalabee Bathworks in the UK. We aim to offer our customers a wider choice of safe organic skincare products and believe that Lalabee’s baby and mum essentials will become a popular choice.

Lalabee Bathworks have put a lot of research into creating products that are made from 100% certified organic and natural ingredients. The percentage of organic content in their skincare line is higher than most other organic brands. They have an excellent score for zero toxins in the Cosmetic Database and are compliant with all the requirements in the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. Their products are paraben-free and they only use preservatives that are natural and food grade. They have also avoided the use of irritating ingredients or scents, making them a great choice for sensitive skin and delicate noses. The company also does its part in helping the environment by using recyclable packaging and biodegradable ingredients and also donating a percentage of their profit to Heifer International Honeybees. 

Lalabee Bathworks offer a complete skincare range for babies, expecting and new mums to include essentials such as baby butter, bottom balm, belly oil and nipple cream.  At Angels Avenue we will be stocking their best selling products Lalabee Organic Double Lavender Body Balm, Lalabee Organic Bottom Balm, Lalabee Organic Baby Butter, Lalabee Organic Nipple Cream, Lalabee Organic Herbal Sitz Bath and Lalabee Organic Belly Oil.

Sarah Johnson, the owner of Lalabee Bathworks, believes that “we are what we eat and put on our skin”. She launched the company after having difficulty finding cosmetics for her newborn daughter that are both affordable and made with high organic contents . She wanted only the safest and highest quality organic and natural products for her and her baby and decided to start her own line with fantastic results.

The Canadian press and many online blogs have published excellent reviews about Lalabee’s organic skin care range. Kathryn, a Canadian mother of two boys who reviews products for kids at, only has good things to say about Lalabee. She tried the Lalabee Organic Bottom Balm on her son Benjamin, who had terrible nappy rash. “The rash had faded by the next nappy change and was gone within a few days!” She also loves the Lalabee Organic Double Lavender Body Balm with its soothing smell and a creamy feel to it.

Mothers are getting increasingly conscious of what they put on their babies and their own skin. As recent studies have shown that mainstream cosmetics contain chemicals that are potentially hazardous to long term health, more and more people are making the decision to go natural.

Organic products are free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified ingredients, and they don’t contain harmful additives such as petroleum by-products and artificial chemicals. They are completely healthy and natural, and are also environmentally friendly. They are also the better choice for those with sensitive skin and people who are prone to allergies, eczema and other skin conditions. To view the full Lalabee range visit our online shop.

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