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Organic Skin Care is Better for Babies and Mums

2012 February 27
by Angels Avenue

Organic Skin Care for BabiesBabies come into our world with the most delicate skin; keep that skin soft and free of rashes by using organic baby skincare. Many non-organic cosmetics on the market contain harsh chemical ingredients that can cause irritating rashes and should never be found in baby products in the first place. Organic baby skincare products do not contain any of the harmful additives or artificial dyes that can lead to allergic reactions. For mothers who choose to use an organic baby bottom cream, there is no concern about the dreaded nappy rash. Baby skin stays soft, well protected and in a tip top condition.

Additionally, many non-organic baby skincare products contain ingredients that come from crops which have been genetically modified and treated with chemicals, including potentially dangerous pesticides. Consider what you would like to have close to your baby’s skin. Choosing organic baby skin care range as an alternative to the big brand names ensures that you are giving your baby only the best and gentlest ingredients, and you are avoiding harsh chemicals. Organic ingredients come only from natural plant and fruit sources, and are guaranteed not to contain pesticides. Such chemicals can not only irritate baby’s delicate skin, but cause other long term negative side effects. read more…

Win The Prize You Really Want

2011 December 20
by Angels Avenue

Tired of all the Christmas shopping, spent a fortune on buying presents for others? How would you like to get one for yourself that doesn’t cost you anything? Just enter our Christmas competition for the chance of winning the prize you choose.

To enter please visit our main competition page and follow the instructions. We also accept entries on our Facebook page. Only entries  including a product name and SKU code will be considered as valid.

Good luck and spread the word, tell fiends and family and they will also have the chance to win!

Dandelion For Baby Organic and Natural Products Are Now Available in our Online UK Store

2011 May 19

Organic Baby ToysWith growing public concern for the hazards of baby products made of unsafe synthetic materials, finally, there is a brand that strives to provide parents with the reassurance they require. Dandelion For Baby offers all organic and eco-friendly toys, natural feeding products and other healthy product choices for your child. The brand is now in the UK, as our team at Angels Avenue has decided to stock Dandelion For Baby items, adding to our wide range of natural and organic products for mums and babies.

Dandelion For Baby are striving to provide everything “eco-ssential” for your baby. The company brings together quality materials with modern designs to give your baby safe and natural products to touch and enjoy. From organic, developmental toys to tableware made out of corn, parents will certainly feel at ease knowing that they are able to choose completely safe high quality toys for their babies to play and interact with.

Dandelion for Baby is a company with a solid environmental and working ethos. They seek to create a more eco-friendly workplace and reduce their carbon footprint in every possible way they can. They use recycled paper products, provide reusable containers to their staff, and take steps to lower their energy usage. Dandelion for Baby is a member of the Organic Trade Association, a well-known leader in protecting and advocating organic standards, as well as the Natural Products Association, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the industry of natural products. The company is also proud to contribute a percentage of their profits to, Feeding America and 1% to the Planet.

At Angels Avenue, we are really proud to stock the wonderful product line of Dandelion For Baby. Some of the products we carry include their award-winning natural tableware and teething toys made out of a unique corn (PLA) formula, bamboo plush toys, organic dolls, and organic developmental toys. Our team aims to supply the best organic and natural products for mums and babies, and this is the reason we have included Dandelion For Baby in our growing range of products. We would be delighted to hear your comments on this fantastic new eco-friendly range of baby toys and accessories.


Why You Should Breastfeed Longer

2011 April 5
by Angels Avenue

Breastfeeding babyHuman breast milk is nature’s perfect food for infants. It promotes health, prevents disease and minimises health care and feeding expenses. The World Health Organization, the NHS and many other organisations have adopted policies to promote the benefits of breastfeeding for both mothers and their children. They advocate exclusive breastfeeding from birth up to six months, then supplemented breastfeeding up to two years or more.

What makes breast milk so ideal is the fact that it is easy to digest, and it has basically the right amount of water, fat, sugar and protein that babies need to grow and develop. Antibodies are handed down from mother to child during breastfeeding. Colostrum, the milk produced in the first few days after birth, is particularly rich in immunoglobulins, which help prevent prevalent childhood illnesses such as diarrhoea and pneumonia.

There are so many advantages to breastfeeding. You will get to enjoy a special bond with your baby, knowing that you’re giving him the best possible nutrition. You also save money since you don’t have to buy infant formula. There are so many health benefits for you and your child. In some studies, it has been found that mothers who breastfeed lower their risk of developing health problems such as type 2 diabetes, and ovarian and breast cancer. Also, women who breastfeed are able to return to their pre-pregnancy weight a lot faster and enjoy lower cases of obesity.

Breastfeeding leads to a lifetime of excellent health. According to the WHO, there is evidence that people who were breastfed perform better in intelligence tests, have lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and lower rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes. It is also interesting to know that women who were breastfed as babies, tend to have a naturally positive attitude to breastfeeding and would choose it as their preferred feeding method for their newborn babies.

Though any amount of breastfeeding has a valuable effect, the longer you breastfeed, the longer the protection lasts and thus, the bigger the benefits. Breastfeeding your child after one year and beyond is beneficial to both you and your child. One of the best ways to help toddlers develop emotionally is the closeness and availability of the mother through breastfeeding. Also, similar to babies, toddlers receive a lot of health benefits from breastfeeding, as your milk continues to provide vitamins and immunity boosters, and guard your children from illnesses and allergies. read more…

Angels Avenue Brings Lalabee Bathworks Organic Cosmetics to the UK Market

2011 March 20
by Angels Avenue

Organic Baby Bottom CreamWith the demand for organic baby products at an all time high, our team at Angels Avenue is passionate to address this need by bringing new organic and natural brands to the UK market. The newest addition to our carefully selected range is Lalabee Bathworks, a Canadian company, which makes natural and organic skin care cosmetics for mothers and babies. Angels Avenue is proud to become the first retailer to import and sell Lalabee Bathworks in the UK. We aim to offer our customers a wider choice of safe organic skincare products and believe that Lalabee’s baby and mum essentials will become a popular choice.

Lalabee Bathworks have put a lot of research into creating products that are made from 100% certified organic and natural ingredients. The percentage of organic content in their skincare line is higher than most other organic brands. They have an excellent score for zero toxins in the Cosmetic Database and are compliant with all the requirements in the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. Their products are paraben-free and they only use preservatives that are natural and food grade. They have also avoided the use of irritating ingredients or scents, making them a great choice for sensitive skin and delicate noses. The company also does its part in helping the environment by using recyclable packaging and biodegradable ingredients and also donating a percentage of their profit to Heifer International Honeybees.  read more…

Valentine’s Day Competition – win a surprise gift for the person you love! Post your entry here!

2011 February 7
by Angels Avenue

And the winner is … Patrick E! We hope that both you and your partner enjoyed our gorgeous scented candle on Valentine’s Day!

You could win this competition easily.  Just search within your heart and soul for the most touching, original and romantic message you want to send on Valentine’s Day and if we are really moved by it, we could deliver it for you. The winner will have the chance to have a personalised message and a scented candle delivered on Valentine’s Day to a person they nominate. We will also add one of our gorgeous scented soya candles, beautifully presented in a luxury gift wrap.

Please leave your entry as a comment to this blog post and then return to the main page to complete your details. Only entries left both on the main competition page and on this blog page will be considered as valid.

We are waiting for all those unwritten love letters, romantic poems and Valentine’s verses that you ever wanted to send but you never did. We would love to do it for you!